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Yolanda Zapata, the founder of Esthetics n Massage is a California certified Massage therapist (CMT) and Esthetician. In 2004 Yolanda completed her Massage Therapy program at Trinity College in the city of San Jose. During the last years Yolanda has developed a passion for the massage, wellness, and fitness field that led her to team up with personal trainers, chiropractors, and other CMT’s as a way to provide clients a faster recovery after workouts.

My Practice

Yolanda is constantly exploring the massage therapy field as a more therapeutic and holistic type of therapy. Her massage style incorporates Reflexology, sports and shiatsu, joint stretching and mobility are among the techniques mastered during her years working as a therapist at Chiropractic clinics, Day spas, athletic centers, special events, and finally providing onsite massage therapy and skincare for clients and businesses. Yolanda also believes in continuing education and enjoys reading about wellness tests and studies. She constantly attends trade shows. She also has other interests like driving to new places, photography, hiking and reading.

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